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While there can be exceptions, it isn’t the smartest idea to get back together with an ex in most cases. The relationship ended for a reason. So it doesn’t make sense to engage in another relationship – or even friendship – with the same person, especially if the relationship ended due to abuse.

Recent events in Egyptian Hollywood showcase singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab rekindling her relationship with singer Hossam Habib. This is concerning as their previous relationship was publicly emotionally and physically abusive, and considering they are celebrities that greatly influence their followers, it can promote the notion of getting back together with an abusive ex. But we’re here to remind you of all the reasons not to.


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The Relationship Ended for a Reason

This is the tell-all justification for not getting back together with an ex. Why get back together with someone you ended things with for a reason, be it a major or minor cause for breaking up?

By doing so, you are submitting yourself to the opportunity for the issue to reoccur. So, always remember why you broke up in the first place when you feel reminiscent of the relationship or have thoughts of getting back together.

Being Friends Won’t Work, Either

You might want to stay friends with your ex-partner because you don’t want your connection to halt, or you may want more time with them before breaking it off entirely. But let us confirm that being friends won’t work either.

Feelings never disappear, so keeping yourself close to your ex-partner, even as friends, allows for the chance of reconciling the relationship. Moreover, keeping them near you prevents you from getting over the other person. Not to mention that this can also allow for more abuse to occur.

It’s Going to Affect You in the Long Run

You won’t come to terms with the damage the relationship has done until you break it off. If you get back together with your ex and break up again at a later stage, it will delay your getting over them. It will also allow room for toxicity to flourish as your impaired vision with rose-coloured glasses makes you unable to acknowledge or accept the harm of the relationship to you. 

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You’ll Lose Your Healing Progress

It can take a long time to heal. So if days, months, or even years go by and you’ve managed to get over the other person and all they’ve done to you, once you give them a second chance, all your healing will have been for nothing. And once the relationship breaks off in the future, it may take you even longer to heal.

So before rekindling the flame, look back at your progress to healing and where you are now.