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Greta Gerwig gave the world a Barbie movie, and it’s made over a billion dollars at the box office so far. Let us fill you in on what you’re missing if you haven’t already put on your pink and headed to Egypt’s theatres since its recent debut!

Think Pink: The Message Behind Barbie

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Although the film’s aesthetic is decidedly girly and pink, the underlying message is anything but sweet. Its focus lies on female empowerment and the journey of self-discovery. The speech delivered by America Ferrera’s character towards the end will strike a chord with every woman since it speaks to her experiences and problems. When you watch the movie, you will know exactly what we are talking about!

A Tale as Old as Time: Barbie Controversy Always Rises Up

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Until Mattel released their 2016 collection, which featured dolls with a variety of body types, hairstyles, and skin tones, critics have long claimed that Barbie dolls promote unrealistic body ideals. However, girls have always employed their creativity and individuality when playing with their Barbie dolls and the Barbie world. As a bonus, the film demonstrated the many positions in society that women are capable of fulfilling.

Just like the Barbie dolls divided the crowds, so did the movie! Many people, primarily men, thought the movie was too woke and strayed away from the feminist theme, but many people found solace in the movie’s empowering message.

Using Satire to Challenge Gender-Role Stereotyping

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The movie subtly mocks male and female idealisations of themselves through sarcastic remarks thrown in by Greta Gerwig, drastically changing the power dynamics between the men and women in the film to demonstrate that none of the two extremes promotes equality between the sexes.

We must agree; it’s essential for people to get to know themselves and be secure in their own skin before pursuing a social role or passing judgement on the roles of others.

What Happened to the Kens?

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There was plenty of male rivalry in the Kendom (Ken’s Kingdom) until Ryan Gosling’s Ken began to develop his identity apart from his Barbie Margot Robbie’s girlfriend and his perspective on patriarchy.

In a fantasy world dominated by Barbies, Ken’s maturity is more than ‘kenough’ to demonstrate a realistic portrayal of the human condition. It was not explicitly represented, but the Kens’ futures will involve more than just “beaching” and being Barbie’s casual boyfriend!