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For the past three weeks, Soot w Soura has become more than just a television show; it's a captivating journey into the unknown, blending the worlds of social media and artificial intelligence with a modern-day crime story. In an age where technology continues to shape our lives, the show proves that anything is possible, even with the help of artificial intelligence. With that said, we must applaud the brilliant minds behind the show and the outstanding performances by the cast, particularly Hanan Metawie and Naglaa Badr.

With an ever-growing list of suspects and motives, we are kept in suspense as we eagerly await the grand finale and the unmasking of the killer! In the meantime, here's a breakdown of the current potential suspects.


Being a victim of his sexual assault makes her a compelling suspect with a thirst for vengeance. She tried to get justice by law, but society's shameful stares shattered her life, which might have blinded her.


Suspicion of adultery is one thing, but a confession of infidelity from your drunk husband is a whole other thing! Let's not forget how their relationship has always been strained, with him constantly accusing her of cheating on him. Nermine's betrayed trust could have propelled her towards a drastic act as the deceased left their relationship strained.


There's a deep-rooted desire for retribution against Dr Essam for hurting Lotfy in the past. It was so severe that he went on hiatus for years, so the ongoing personal vendetta involving the deceased might lead Lotfy down a dark path.


While many would consider this suspect unlikely to commit the crime, tech-savvy Wafy has proven to be capable of manipulating situations and narratives. His tech expertise would definitely enable him to orchestrate a perfect crime. As for a motive, he could be hired by one of Dr Essam's numerous victims.


We can all clearly see what's behind that everlasting grin: self-benefiting, sneaky, and deceitful agendas! With that said, hiding incriminating tapes of the deceased and not using them for blackmail money right away was questionable. What is she hiding? Could it be that she was caught in action? We have to wait to find out!


You must be wondering, how can a son end his father's life and why? Hazem struggles with anger issues, which are often triggered by the hyperfixation of his reputation. Any risk of tarnishing that image might push Hazem over the edge. All it takes is one accusation, and he snaps!


Growing up in the same household is Ramy, the seemingly calmer and wiser little brother. His determination to safeguard the family's honour has driven him to unethical measures. Also, in various incidents, we caught him knowing a bit too much by eavesdropping. Could it be that he found out about his father's mischief before taking matters into his own hands due to his overprotectiveness regarding the family's reputation?