Ramadan is one day away, meaning one thing: soon, we’ll watch new shows daily on Shahid. Accessible, ad-free, and entertaining, Shahid contains all the best shows on its platform. And now, it’s added one show starring Dina El Sherbiny and Sherif Salama that we’ve been so excited to watch! Directed by Khaled El Halafawy, Kamel El Adad is now out to watch on Shahid.

The good news is we’ve already watched the first two episodes and couldn’t wait to review it for you. Sadly, however, the mini-series is only 15 episodes, but we still can’t wait for the next episode to air; let us tell you exactly why.

Kamel El Adad’s Plot

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It all begins with a plastic surgeon, Ahmed Mokhtar, and businesswoman, Laila Taymour, who has a line of beauty products made from natural ingredients. Ahmed and Laila meet on a cruise in Aswan with their best friends, only to clash. However, as expected, their conflict soon flourishes into a beautiful love story.

But little do you know, this isn’t the whole story. The plot features many small details and hidden truths that the main characters keep from each other, and we can assure you the secrets will blow your minds! The fact that Laila is a mother of four should be intriguing enough.

Our Honest Review

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What we loved most about the show was the notable change of characters and shift of roles we witnessed from its actors. We didn’t know they had it in them, but they impressively stepped out of their comfort roles in this series! We additionally appreciated that each of the series’ characters had an interesting story that made us laugh and grabbed our attention.

The show is light and homey, and we think it’ll remind you of a movie back in the day called “Allam Eyal Eyal,” starring the late Samira Ahmed and the casanova Roshdy Abaza. The Kamel El Adad crew even dedicated the work to the old film’s producers and actors, whom we miss.

So, trust us when we tell you, you won’t regret watching this Ramadan mini-series. On the contrary, it’ll keep you on the edge of your seats in laughter and anticipation!