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The world has waited impatiently for Cristopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece. This time, the world-renowned director chose to deliver a three-hour-long, star-studded historical biopic about what he believes to be “the most important man in the world”. Interested to know why Oppenheimer’s Egypt shows have been fully booked for two weeks in theatres? Let us tell you what to expect from Nolan’s latest global hit.

Book Adaptation

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Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “American Prometheus”, Oppenheimer tells the story of one of the most brilliant scientists that history has ever seen. American quantum physicist Robert J Oppenheimer is credited for leading the Manhattan Project, where the atomic bomb was conceived in the ’40s during World War II.

As the world’s first weapon of mass destruction, the US was quick to use it to end the war by dropping two A-bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, what’s even more attention-grabbing than the dropping of the bombs, which killed over 200,000 Japanese souls in the process, is what happened before and after this historic event. Nolan used the help of an incredible cast to deliver a complex story, dividing and shocking the audience throughout it.

Cillian Murphy as the Destroyer of Worlds

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For the first time in his career, Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy is the lead man in a major film after Nolan used Murphy’s incredible talents in six movies. The actor brilliantly depicts the complex man that is the father of the atomic bomb.

Oppenheimer was seen as both an American hero and a traitor after he refused to make more bombs and cause more destruction in the world. He considered himself “the prophet of Death” after seeing what the bomb was fully capable of while testing it in the infamous “Trinity test”, along with thousands of scientists he led for three years to make such a massive weapon possible.

“I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds” is what came to his mind as he witnessed the giant flames go up in the sky. Murphy’s performance is the core of this masterpiece, as he plays a strong-minded man burdened with what he has brought upon humanity.

The Supporting Cast

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The film wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible supporting cast whose names shine in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr, who famously played Ironman for ten years, goes through an astonishing makeover, playing Oppenheimer’s antagonist Louis Strauss who was determined to label the genius scientist as a traitor to his country and discredit his efforts to stop weapons of mass destruction from existing in any country of the world. Downey’s profound performance will most probably grant him an Oscar nomination, if not a win.

As for the other stars joining Murphy in this masterful biopic, Emily Blunt comes in full force as Oppenheimer’s wife and voice of reason, while the amazing Matt Damon effortlessly plays the military liaison General Groves, who oversaw the making of the bomb and putting it into the hands of the US president. The film also includes brief yet stellar performances of Oscar winners Rami Malek and Gary Oldman and the new rising star, Florence Pugh.

Why Is It Considered Nolan’s Best Work?

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Last but certainly not least comes the incredible work of a master director at showing us the multiple layers of the Oppenheimer tragedy, both in the impressive dialogue and sequence of events as well as the climactic moment of the explosion of the bomb in the Trinity test. If you know nothing about Oppenheimer and his creation, this three-hour film will take you on a comprehensive journey and a crucial lesson on what humanity can do to destroy itself.