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The newest Shahid series Azmt Montasaf El-Omr gets crazier by the second. You stream a new episode thinking there’s no way it can get more complicated, but it somehow does! Everyone is talking about how the character of Omar is insanely toxic, and he sure is; however, almost every character is plagued with so many things wrong with them. So, let us list all issues of each character in the controversial Azmt Montasaf El-Omr! Beware, there are spoilers!

1-     Omar

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It seems the show writers sat down and compiled a list of the most toxic traits someone could have, and that’s how Omar was created! First, he abandoned his mother for dating other men after his father, then went ahead and married a drug addict and left her when things got ugly. Then, when he tries to make things right, he marries a young girl with whom he is clearly incompatible.

What’s even worse is that Omar falls for his mother-in-law, Fayrouz, and starts an affair with her that leads to her getting pregnant and ending up in a vicious cycle of deceit and crisis! Omar has many ladies scarred for life due to his toxic and selfish acts. Where is Shahid going with this character? We hope it’s a terrible place!

2-     Ezzat

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A character that excels at annoyance and delusions. He does every toxic thing in the book but is sweet to his daughter and thinks karma won’t land on her. Ezzat married the very-young-at-the-time Fayrouz and has since made her life a living hell for absolutely no reason. To make matters worse, he goes behind her back and marries his daughter’s friend, Yasmin, expecting everyone to be okay with that. 

3-     Fayrouz

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We don’t know how to feel about Fayrouz now, but we still think she is toxically naïve! She got married at a young age to Ezzat and raised Mariam, whom we are not sure is her biological daughter. She spends her life passive to how poorly Ezzat and Mariam treat her. Fayrouz starts an affair with her son-in-law, Omar, and gets pregnant. Her problems keep escalating every second because of her poor decisions and cluelessness!

4-     Mariam

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On the toxicity scale of the series’ characters, Mariam is not so bad! She is the only daughter of Ezzat, which undoubtedly led to her being spoiled and childish. She marries Omar, whom we know has an insane number of issues, but she deals with their marriage problems arrogantly and childishly. Although she is betrayed by her husband, friend, and mother, she refuses to mature and keeps making poor decisions.

5-     Yasmine

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Mariam’s friend, who is also her stepmother! Conspiring with Zeyad, Yasmine lures the old and rich Ezzat into marrying her and tries to get as much from this relationship as possible. She, purposely and cold-heartedly, ruins everything for Mariam, Ezzat, and Fayrouz. However, she fears Zeyad and does everything he asks her to; it looks like Yasmine will gain nothing out of this, or at least we hope so!

6-     Zeyad

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If the seven deadly sins were a person, it would be Zeyad! The character engages in nothing but evil to acquire things he doesn’t even deserve. Zeyad wants his uncle’s factory, money, and daughter. So he uses a gold digger, Yasmine, to help him get whatever he can lay his hands on from his uncle’s assets. He plays everyone around him, and his wife, Farah, is undoubtedly struggling the most with his greed.

Zeyad is only sweet to his cousin Mariam, thinking he can get her to fall for him, but we think she can smell evil reeking from Zeyad! We are still determining if he loves her; maybe she is just a pawn in his game to own the factory. Hopefully, things go south for this character, too!