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In the world of entertainment, celebrities shine on the big screen or the stage, captivating audiences with their talents. However, behind the glamour and fame, many have faced personal battles with cancer, emerging as symbols of strength and hope.

In this article, we celebrate the stories of ten celebrities who survived cancer, highlighting their journeys and the resilience they demonstrated in the face of this daunting disease. These narratives inspire their fans and shed light on the importance of awareness and early detection.


Kinda Alloush

Kinda Alloush recently revealed her ongoing battle with breast cancer during an interview with host Mona El Shazly. She chose to keep her diagnosis private, enduring chemotherapy and treatment alone to maintain a sense of normalcy for her children. Alloush has been fighting the disease for over a year and a half, asking for prayers as she continues her medical journey. Despite facing bullying due to weight gain and changes in her appearance, she remains determined and resilient.



Sherihan's battle with a rare cancer of the salivary glands took her on a 15-year treatment journey, during which she underwent an 18-hour surgery in France and numerous other procedures. Her remarkable resilience saw her disappear from the public eye only to make a powerful return, inspiring many with her story of survival and strength.


Ahmed Helmy

While supporting his pregnant wife, Mona Zaki, in America, Ahmed Helmy discovered he had a spinal tumour. He underwent surgery to remove the tumour and has since recovered, but he continues to have semi-annual medical examinations abroad to ensure the disease does not return. Helmy's story highlights the importance of vigilance and regular check-ups.


Basma Wahba

Journalist Basma Wahba was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and endured a long journey of chemotherapy and treatment. She ultimately emerged victorious, sharing her story to inspire others facing similar battles.



Elissa announced her recovery from cancer in a uniquely creative way through her music video, Le Kol El Beyhebouny. Her heartfelt revelation gained widespread sympathy and support, showcasing her strength and the power of artistic expression in raising awareness.


Sherif Madkour

Journalist Sherif Madkour's battle with colon cancer has been an ongoing journey. He regularly shares updates and photos with his fans, spreading messages of hope and resilience to all those fighting the disease.


Haitham Shaker

Haitham Shaker's five-year absence from the spotlight was due to his battle with stomach cancer. Upon his return, he opened up about his treatment journey and recovery, inspiring fans with his determination and strength.


Lamis El Hadidy

Media personality Lamis El Hadidy revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer years ago while recording episodes with the late journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal. Her journey of recovery is a testament to quiet strength and perseverance.


Sabry Abdel Moneim

Sabry Abdel Moneim is a true warrior, having battled cancer three times since 2001. His first diagnosis involved a tumour in his arm, followed by lung cancer that led to the removal of his right lung and, later, cancer in the pleural membrane of his chest. Despite undergoing multiple surgeries and chemotherapy, Abdel Moneim's spirit remains unbroken, exemplifying incredible courage and perseverance.


Nagwa Ibrahim

Nagwa Ibrahim shocked her fans when she announced her cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. By December 2023, she had successfully overcome the disease, reassuring her supporters of her health. Her journey is a testament to the power of hope and determination in the face of adversity.