On this day in 1981, Rania Hussein Mohamed Tawfik was born. Rania, who goes by the name Ruby, is one of Egypt’s most talented stars who has excelled in every sector she stepped foot in: singing, acting, and even dancing!

Since her debut with the single Enta 3aref Leih back in 2003, Ruby has gained widespread recognition. On Ruby’s special day, here are a few reasons why we believe she’s so loved by everyone!

Multi-Talented Artist

While many might think that Ruby’s career started with her songs, she was featured in movies like Sokoot Hansawar and Film Thakafy before that. However, it’s undeniable that with the release of Enta 3aref Leih, her career skyrocketed! This led to the production of not one but three successful albums! Even with her 12-year musical hiatus, her comeback was effortless. Since then, she has released five hit singles that are on every party’s playlist to this day!

Family-Friendly Movies

Recently, Ruby has been focusing on providing movies for young people, given that there has been a drastic decrease in the production of family-friendly films. Therefore, she starred in hit movies like Amr Salama’s Bara El Manhag and co-starred with Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz in Peter Mimi’s musical Shalaby.

Glamourous Styles from the 1900s

Ruby is definitely one of the few actresses that fit perfectly for the portrayal of women of the classic age. She masterfully delivered performances in period pieces, such as her lead role in Aho Da El Sar. That said, she got to play two characters: present-day Salma, and Nadra from the 1900s.

Memorable Movie Characters

Other unforgettable roles are Zainab from Sherif Arafa’s duology of El Kenz and the iconic Mabsouta from Tamer Mohsen’s hidden gem, Bedoun Zekr Asmaa. The latter showcases the rise of a starlet after being raised as a street kid who begged for money.

Wholesome Actress

Whether it is happy tears or weeping in sadness, there have been several scenes where Ruby had us sobbing! The first role that comes to mind is her heart-breaking performance in Kamla Abu Zekry’s Segn El Nessa, playing the sweet-turned-murderer Reda!

On a less depressing note, Ruby was also able to have us laugh our hearts out with movies like Youm Maloush Lazma, Wahed Tany, and many others.