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In a world where legacies are passed down and talent shines through generations, Hanan Metawie finally receives long overdue recognition. As the daughter of renowned actors Karam Motawa and Sohair El Morshedy, Hanan carries the legacy of her family's contributions to the entertainment world. 

However, it is her own talent and dedication that have boosted her to newfound heights of success. As Hanan celebrates another year of life, we celebrate her birthday and journey of mastery and recognition as she continues to captivate audiences with every character she brings to life. 

Here's to many more years of success and acknowledgements for the remarkable Hanan Metawie. In the meantime, let's break down five of her most iconic roles so far:


Rabha - Dahsha

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One of Hanan's standout performances comes from her portrayal of Rabha in "Dahsha", a modern interpretation of a Shakespearean tragedy set in the heart of Upper Egypt. Under the skilful direction of Kamal Abdel Rahim, Hanan brings depth and authenticity to her character, offering viewers a fresh perspective on a timeless classic.


Nermeen - Wanous

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In "Wanous", Hanan takes on the challenging role of Nermin, a divorced woman grappling with complex emotions and suspicions. This role marks a significant turning point in Hanan's professional career, showcasing her ability to tackle intricate character dynamics with finesse. 


Abla - Haza El Masaa

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Continuing her streak of captivating performances, Hanan shines in "Haza El Masaa", embodying the role of a simple yet endearing character. Hanan invites audiences to empathise with her character's journey, demonstrating her innate ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level. 


Sarah - Halawet El Donia

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In "Halawet El Donia", Hanan delivers yet another masterful performance, this time as the enigmatic Sarah. Hanan's portrayal captivates audiences with a blend of humour and tragedy, showcasing her ability to command attention and evoke emotions. With each subtle gesture and expression, Hanan left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.


Manal - El Qahera Kabool

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Hanan takes on the role of Manal in "El Qahera Kabool", a strong and resilient Egyptian woman navigating the events of the nineties. She embodies the spirit of her character with authenticity and realism with her determination and wit. Hanan breathes life into Manal, resonating with viewers who see echoes of themselves reflected in her portrayal.