Still trying to understand El Hashashin? Let's dig in! The legend of El Hashashin assassins is veiled in mystery and fueled by fear. At the heart of this order stood Hassan El Sabbah, a man whose journey from a person of religion and a scholar to a formidable leader of one of the most dangerous assassin groups is as captivating as it is ruthless.


Hassan's Journey and Quest for Power

Hassan travelled across the Islamic world and honed his philosophy, theology, and military strategy skills. He challenged established authorities and debated religious doctrine, gaining a reputation for both brilliance and audacity. His path led him to Alamut, a seemingly impregnable mountain fortress in northern Iran.

Alamut castle was on a rocky mountaintop; Hassan, with his persuasive charm and promise of being a righteous leader, overthrew the incumbent sultan and made Alamut his own. Hassan was manipulating these young soldiers with the promise of going to paradise.

A New Dawn, a New Order

With Alamut secured, Hassan was set about transforming it, and he did; he even created his own heaven to trick his followers. He established a strict training regime for his supporters, emphasising physical strength, obedience, and unwavering loyalty. Hassan was manipulating these young soldiers with the hope of going to paradise. 


How did he do that, you might ask? Ebn Sayhoon, Hassan's right-hand man, discovered an Indian drug that buzzed the young men's thoughts and visions. He started using this drug to persuade them to commit murder without having to repent. 

From Scholar to Shadow Master

Hassan El Sabbah was once a scholar yearning to be an Imam, and he became the exact thing he wished for. But this all changed rapidly, with Hassan becoming darker and more cruel to everyone who crossed him (even the ones who didn't). He became an assassin, and Alamut became a training ground for assassins, meticulously trained to ruthlessly eliminate Hassan's enemies.