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El Le’ba Season 4 is now streaming on Shahid, and the competition between Mazo and Waseem continues stronger than ever before. This season is no doubt one of the show’s best, with unique games and unusual circumstances, and the creators of El Le’ba didn’t stop there; they surprised viewers with renowned guest stars like Akram Hosny and Riham Abdel Ghafour.

But we’re here today to discuss the surprising crossover between Shahid’s two shows, El Le’ba and Room 207, in the series’ new season. So let us tell you all about the unexpected but brilliant episode 27 of El Le’ba!

Shahid’s First Crossover

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In Egyptian cinema and television, crossovers were yet to become a thing. Yet, Shahid gave it a shot and mimicked their horror smash Room 207 in their brilliant comedy El Le’ba! We are grateful that the streaming platform continues to challenge preconceived notions and think creatively regarding the works they offer, as this has become increasingly important to audiences.

Episode 27: The Escape Rooms

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In this episode, the puzzle for both teams was to enter an escape room and successfully complete all its riddles within the allotted time. Each player had to overcome their own unique obstacle, and Mazo ended up in Room 207 with Jamila (Riham Abdel Ghafour).

The challenge of the haunted room was to transport a wolf, sheep, and lucerne plant from one side of a river to the other in a boat that only fit one passenger. However, to our and Jamila’s surprise, Mazo escaped unharmed. This memorable episode is one of the best parodies ever created on Egyptian TV, so make sure not to miss it!