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Several Facebook users have recently voiced their displeasure about the newest web issue: the app now automatically sends friend requests to the people whose profiles a user has checked, potentially putting users in an awkward social scenario. Some were outraged, while others made light of the situation with a few memes. So, to get through this embarrassing malfunction in one, we’re sharing some of the jokes that kept us laughing instead of stressing!

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Facebook has always had an option allowing you to “lock” your profile and make it impossible for anyone not on your friends list to view your posts or pictures. With that being said, this Facebook user wished there would be a bug unlocking the accounts they want to check out from afar rather than the currently existing glitch!

Some users were more upset that this problem occurred and was fixed without them receiving any friend requests! We guess this side of the problem, realising that no one is secretly checking out your profile to see what you’re up to, is rather sad than embarrassing.

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There’s no doubt that the people who unknowingly sent the friend requests felt ashamed; some were so embarrassed that they blocked that involuntarily friend-requested person’s account to avoid further embarrassment. In line with this Facebook meme, these users held Mark Zuckerberg responsible for their humiliation.

However, as indicated in this post, many Facebook users were more worried about the other popular Meta app, Instagram, experiencing the same error. Instagram is mainly where all the personal pictures are posted, and many not-on-our-followers-list are interested to see them, so we can’t imagine the social chaos that would ensue if our favourite life-sharing app fell victim to this same glitch!