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A lot of news has hit Egypt recently regarding celebrities and substance abuse. Whether the stars spoke directly to media sources or got caught with the substances and were subsequently publicly and brutally exposed, it’s always unpleasantly shocking to witness, especially when the targeted are actors or performers we idolise and love. Let’s discuss the recent scandalous events and their disregard for celebrities’ privacy.


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Are Egyptian Celebrities Entitled to Any Privacy?

Many in Egypt have trouble grasping the concept of privacy, with their eyes glued to others’ phones and laptop screens on every possible occasion. It’s not uncommon for all your secrets to be exposed by one means or another, even when the gossiped-about subject is personal and something no one else needs to know.

Now imagine the case with celebrities. Whenever notable figures encounter something remotely scandalous or a little detail about their private life gets outed to the media, the public turn into detectives and starts immediately investigating things for further information. As a result, the tiniest details and evidence concerning said celebrities are magnified to make them look worse and feel more humiliated than they already do.


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Recent Celebrity Scandals Brutally Publicised Across the Media

Menna Shalaby’s recent incident with the news is a perfect enough example of what we mean when we say privacy is nearly non-existent for Egyptian celebrities. Photos of the actress’ personal belongings, including the items in her make-up bag and passport photo, were shared across the Internet following her encounter with the police for her perceived drug possession.

Similar circulations of the personal information of a celebrity’s private life occurred for singer Sherine Abdel Wahab following her substance abuse. Regardless of the events surrounding stars, we think the reactions have been extreme and completely lacked compassion for their rights to privacy.

We know Egyptians like to turn almost every occasion into a joke or meme. But it’s important to remember that sometimes it can be too much, and certain events don’t warrant the intrusion – especially with sensitive topics like drug abuse and rehabilitation.