Last night, a shocking story emerged from the Fifth Settlement area in Cairo, where esteemed singer Sherine Abdel Wahab was reportedly assaulted by her ex-husband, Hossam Habib, in a brutal incident that has left the public reeling. This dramatic episode involving Sherine and Hossam has captivated the public's attention, raising serious questions about domestic violence, legal accountability, and the impact of celebrity disputes on public perception.

As the investigations continue, we await justice to be served. In the meantime, here's a detailed account of the events and their aftermath.


Unhealthy Relationship

Sherine and Hossam's relationship has been tumultuous since their engagement in April 2018. Despite numerous disputes and separations, they reunited in November 2022, only to separate again in December 2023. Recently, Sherine announced her engagement to another man, further complicating the narrative.


How It All Started

This time's problem began in the early hours of Saturday, July 6th, when Sherine arrived at the Fifth Settlement police station, her face covered in blood. She filed an official report against her ex-husband, Hossam, accusing him of assaulting her inside her studio, also located in the First Settlement area. According to the police report, Sherine suffered various bruises and a severe head wound that required medical attention. She also accused Hossam of stealing a sum of money from her handbag and her mobile phone.


The Actual Incident

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Sherine recounted that she went to the audio recording studio she co-owned with Hossam to discuss breaking up their partnership and reclaiming her share. To her shock, Hossam responded violently, beating her, screaming slurs, and throwing her out of the studio. Despite providing the police with the addresses of both the studio and Hossam's residence, the authorities were unable to locate him as he had fled upon learning Sherine had reported him.


Alleged Reconciliation

In a surprising turn of events, rumours surfaced that Sherine had reconciled with Hossam and waived the assault report. Both parties reportedly signed a reconciliation agreement, with Hossam pledging not to harass her further. Hossam's lawyer contacted Sherine, urging her to resolve the issue amicably to avoid media attention. However, this narrative was later denied.


Conflicting Statements

Contradicting the earlier reports of reconciliation, Sherine's legal advisor, Yasser Kantoush, clarified that there had been no withdrawal of the assault report. Kantoush emphasised that the Public Prosecution in Cairo was still investigating the accusations against Hossam Habib to verify their validity.


Hossam Habib’s Defense

In his defense, Hossam Habib claimed he was only present at the studio to mediate a dispute between Sherine and her daughter. He alleged that Sherine's anger was misdirected and exaggerated. Hossam requested the Public Prosecution to take the testimony of Sherine's daughter to clarify the incident.


The Leaked Footage

Amidst the turmoil, audio recordings from Hossam Habib, revealing Sherine's personal and family secrets, surfaced online. Hossam denied leaking these recordings, claiming they were stolen from his phone, and vowed to take legal action against those responsible. Also, a video showing the aftermath of the studio altercation circulated widely on social media. The footage displayed a damaged studio with cut soundproof walls, a broken television, and bloodstains on the furniture. Sherine was documented cursing and being hysterical in the video.


Legal Proceedings

Following the incident, the investigation authorities released Hossam Habib on bail pending further investigation. The Public Prosecution ordered a swift investigation and summoned both Sherine and Hossam for further questioning. To this moment, Sherine maintained her accusations against Hossam, detailing the assault and theft in her apartment. Meanwhile, Hossam continued to deny the charges, insisting that his presence was to resolve a conflict between Sherine and her daughter.