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The last episode of the controversial series, Azmat Montasaf Al Omr, aired last Friday, with the finale dividing the crowds. While some argued that each character got what they deserved, others felt the ending was farfetched. However, the TV show did have many characters, and it’s safe to say that not all their ends were befitting — some were indeed overdone! So let us dig into the details of this unexpected finale. Beware, there are many spoilers ahead!

A ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Ending for Omar and Fayrouz

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One of the greatest love stories in poetic history is undoubtedly Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, justifying why it has inspired many other works. The couple married and did everything possible to hide it from the public and their conflicting families. But, as we all know, the pair eventually took their own lives because they couldn’t be together in peace and simultaneously ended the feud between their families.

Shahid’s hated TV show couple shared a similar fate, with Fayrouz poisoning Omar and herself in a scene that we think was satisfyingly carried out. However, the series continuously presented the two’s love story as a mistake that destroyed both their lives, with no deep emotions displayed from the couple. Therefore, we understand why some might reckon the poetic ‘Romeo & Juliet’ ending was uncalled for.

Who Is Responsible for Mariam’s Tragic Ending?

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The character of Mariam was given a truckload of shocking information in a very short period, leading to her undergoing an intense mental breakdown and taking her own life. The betrayal she faced from everyone in her life, including her family and perceived friends, was unbearable, and we think her heartbreaking death was a suitable and expected ending for the character.

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However, while almost all the characters who supposedly loved Mariam played a part in ruining her life, Zeyad was the only one to take the fall for it! He was framed as her murderer and then assassinated by her father, Ezzat, before getting a chance to have his day in court. Ezzat, crushed and heartbroken by the loss of his only daughter, ended up behind bars. We think the uncle’s and nephew’s endings were befitting. And as we also believe that Mariam’s husband, parents, and best friend were all responsible for her death, we think the series perfectly pictured that her death was the moment their lives became even more ill-fated!