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WATCH IT’s newest show is all about family and narrates how they can differ in raising their children and setting house rules. It even follows the story of single parents who raise their kids to feel loved and fulfilled despite the loss of their mother or father. Hassan and Nadia have two separate minds, each with distinct principles for making decisions regarding their family. We couldn’t help but fall in love with these two parents and their kids along their journeys!

The show is trending for a good reason; it is wholesome and guaranteed to make you feel warm. And we’re listing all our favourite characters from the series!


The strong and old-fashioned woman thrives to give her four daughters the best possible lives. Although she can sometimes come off as too strict with her kids, she has a heart of gold. She sets ground rules for work and home life and expects everyone to follow them. We love how dedicated this character is!


The father figure who selflessly tries to fill in the loss of a mother for his four boys. Hassan befriends his kids in hopes of getting on their good side and tries as much as he can to set a leading example for them, even if it means he sometimes has to abandon some of his own beliefs.


While he may be irrational and so money-obsessed that he strays down the wrong path at times, Ali is mature and caring. He attempts to take care of his brothers and watch out for them, although he's inexperienced. His character development hands-down shocked us the most.


She is an aspiring actress and woman who knows exactly what she wants and defies anyone who tries to get in her way. We admire Dalia Shawky for portraying such a strong character who is destined to live her life despite undergoing severe health issues.


The big sister that’s consistently there when you need a shoulder to cry on and the secret keeper to all your hidden truths. Arwa shows us the real meaning of having a trustworthy sister that you can count on no matter the circumstances. She’s also the mature daughter, secretly her mother’s favourite.


He is impulsive and rash yet loving, caring, and protective over those he cares for. His young age may drive him to sometimes make wrong decisions, but Mourad is wise for his age, and all trust him to help them out of their troubles.


The sensitive musician embraces his talents, cherishes music, and lives his life harmoniously to the best of his ability. He avoids trouble, but he knows how to handle himself perfectly when it does approach. While he is hot-tempered, he’s a sweetheart deep down.


Laila reflects most hasty teenage girls when she decides the course of her life at an early age. However, she shows us that sometimes all you need is to live your adolescent life to the fullest, doing all the typical things teenagers do. Maybe she acts a bit too mature, but at the end of the day, she’s just a kid trying to live a normal life.