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Rajieen is more than a song for solidarity and support; it highlights the battles of the Palestinian individuals. This song is a global cry for justice, produced by Jordanian producer Nasir AlBashir alongside Egyptian singer-songwriter and producer Marwan Moussa and Amr Shomali.

About Rajieen

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"Rajieen" blends hip-hop, rap, Arabic backbeats, and soulful additions. The music video was directed by Rammal and Abu Samra and was filmed in Amman. The purpose of the video is to visually show the artists' unity and support for Palestine by showing actual footage of what's happening in Gaza right now and the history of the occupation in Palestine.

With the help of these 25 artists: Saif Safadi, Dana Salah, Ghalia Chaker, Afroto, Nordo, Saif Shroof, A5rass, Issam Alnajjar, Balti, Amir Eid, Weesam Qutub, Dina Wideidi, Saif Bataineh, Omar Rammal, AlYung & Randar, Vortex, Small X, ALA, Fuad Gritli, Donia Wael, Zeyne, Marwan Moussa, Marwan Pablo and Dafencii, hoping their voices could be heard.

The Goal

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The profit from this song will go to the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund. It's also to show the world how bad this genocide has developed over the last 3 weeks of non-stop bombing. 

Through their collaboration, the specialists trust to join individuals in bolstering Palestine and raising mindfulness of the progressing emergency in Gaza.