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The 2000s marked a significant shift in Egyptian cinema, with female filmmakers emerging as powerful voices exploring female empowerment, sisterhood, and social transformation themes. These stories challenged traditional narratives and championed women to be more empowered, and here are some notable examples of the sisterhood movies.

Kalem Mama 

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This movie was a staple in every girl’s life in the 2000’s. It was a comedic gem about 4 female friends who face a lot of societal issues and how they handled these challenges at the time.

Ahla El Aw’at 

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You may remember this for the famous line “Ayza Ward Ya Ibrahim”. It’s a movie about a personal tragedy that brings a woman closer to her trusted female friends, where she receives anonymous gifts and letters from someone who appears to know her. While searching for her anonymous sender, they share their own difficult life events together.

Khalty Farnsa 

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A story about a woman who starts raising her nieces Batta and Wezza after their mother dies. Then, fights, arguments, and comedy quarrels begin between them and how they overcome these bad times together.

Hob El Banat 

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A movie about three sisters from different mothers who were separated their whole lives. They are forced to live together so they can fulfil their father’s will, and each takes her inheritance, which turns their lives upside down.

Banat West El Balad 

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A story about a beautiful friendship created through coincidence. Two girls become best friends after running into each other in the metro on their way to work, and they decide to embark on an adventure in search of true love.

Hareem Karim

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After Karim’s tragic divorce, he tries to win his wife back, which he does with the help of his old lady friends from uni. If that doesn’t scream women’s power, we don’t know what does!

Awdet El Nadla 

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This film is focused on one powerful woman and her struggles. She is arrested for robbing a villa while her husband manages to flee. Her life changes when she is released from prison and learns that her husband hid the truth from their son. She does everything possible to get back on her feet; talk about strong, independent women!