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While we don’t get much WATCH IT TV productions, we do love their work when we get a chance to see it. And this time, we’re happy to witness such an upgrade in TV quality and production from them.

Ahmed Khalid Amin’s “El ‘Eila Deeh” also airs on DMC Saturdays through Wednesdays at 11 PM, and its first episode premiered on November 19th. The show stars legendary actors Wafaa Amer and Ismail Farghaly alongside several other notable actors, like Mohamed Tharwat, In’am Salosa, Islam Ibrahim, and Youssef Othman.


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What’s “El ‘Eila Deeh” About?

The series narrates the story every single one of us lives: what a family goes through together, whether it’s furiously fighting with each other, comforting one another in times of need, or simply watching a movie together in your spare time.

This show highlights the everyday life of a family living in close quarters. By doing so, it tackles issues that everyone faces, making it both incredibly relatable and warm. It additionally fills a gap in media productions that we’ve longed to be filled for ages.


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Our Thoughts on the Series

We couldn’t help but smile throughout the series’ first episodes, not only because we loved the show’s emotions but because we related to and felt a sense of belonging within its contents. The happiness and warmth we experience when Eid is around the corner and family gatherings help us get over bad days are beautifully portrayed in the show.

Although we did not find the chemistry between the younger couples and newer acting faces believable, we still found the series very warm. And we recommend you give the series a watch with your family and experience its mellowness for yourselves!