As if one DNA drama wasn't enough, multiple series decided to jump on the paternity testing bandwagon, turning it into a full-blown obsession. From swapped babies to secret lineage revelations, it seems that everyone was questioning their parentage at this point. 

It is not to mention that few shows attempted to deliver heartwarming portrayals of familial bonds, such as the sibling dynamics in Embratoreyet Meem and Kamel El 3adad, the dominating theme was none other than the age-old tale of sibling backstabbing and betrayal.

Let’s dive into the shows that covered those themes in Ramadan 2024:


Paternity Testing 

Selat Rahem

In Selat Rahem, we see the emotional journey of Laila, portrayed by Yousra El-Lozy. Her tragic accident leads to a heartbreaking loss. Enter the controversial concepts of egg freezing and surrogacy.


Bedoun Sabek Enzar

Meanwhile, Bedoun Sabek Enzar took a different route, exploring the same theme through Amina's pursuit of motherhood via egg freezing and showcasing the mental toll the operation can take on its participants. In the same show, viewers were pulled into a cycle of suspicion and disbelief as Marwan and Laila grappled with the shocking revelation that their son might not be their own. Later, we find out that the child was switched at birth!


El 3atawla

It appears that no family tree was safe, as in El 3atawla, Nassar finds himself in a tangled web of deceit as he uncovers the truth about his son's parentage, followed by finding out that he, himself, is not his parent's child. This led to a heart-wrenching dilemma of identity. 


Ha2 3arab

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more bizarre, Ha2 3arab takes a darker turn, with a prophecy leading to one of two choices; either aborting a pregnancy or switching children at birth. Ending up in the latter and having Arab living a lie throughout his whole life.


Khaled Nour w Walado Nour Khaled

Then comes Khaled Nour w Walado Nour Khaled with a dose of comedic strangeness. Father and son ageing backwards due to a nuclear reactor mishap? Check. Attempting to make sense of the events defying the laws of nature? Double check. It's as entertaining as it is utterly absurd!


Sibling Rivalry 

A3la Nesbet Moshahda

One notable example of this can be found in the relationship between the sisters of A3la Nesbet Moshahda. Viewers were treated to a rollercoaster of envy and vindictiveness as Nesma spared no effort in her relentless quest to sabotage her sister Shaimaa's happiness. From fabricating lies about her fiance to orchestrating the release of compromising videos, Nesma knew no bounds!


El 3atawla


But the drama didn't end there; at its core, El 3atawla is about the rocky relationship between two brothers, Nassar and Khadr. Bound together by a legacy of organised crime, they find themselves locked in a deadly struggle for redemption and betrayal. 



Meanwhile, in the whimsical world of Gawdar, familial ties are strained to the breaking point as jealousy and resentment grow between the brothers. From a young age, Gawdar's siblings developed a deep-seated grudge towards him, driven by the envy of the attention he was getting.


Ser Elahy

Let's not forget Ser Elahy's cunning sisters, who redefine the age-old saying that blood is thicker than water. In their ruthless pursuit of wealth and power, they stop at nothing to outwit one another, leaving a trail of destruction.