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It’s unavoidable to love watching Ramadan shows, especially when they’re loaded with drama or light and funny jokes. Viewers eagerly wait for the latest works casting their favourite actors to skyrocket in Ramadan because of the shows’ talents and compelling, complex plots. But we’re here to record the change in Ramadan TV — aside from Ramez Galal’s hair colour each year.

Themes now range from comedy to drama and action, ensuring there is something for every viewer to enjoy during the fasting season. But we couldn’t help taking notice of the huge change that the show season has witnessed since the early 2000s. Read on to find out what we’re talking about!

Ramadan Shows Back Then

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In the early 2000s and 2010s, TV shows illustrated more relatability and had a sense of cosiness to them that they no longer carry. Programmes portrayed the family values existing within every Egyptian household and contained just the right amount of spice and drama that wouldn’t overwhelm the holy month as the recent years’ graphic and extremist shows tend to do.

With everything that has changed worldwide over the past years, many have lost their sense of belonging and warmth. So, the portrayal of toxic and disturbing TV shows during a month meant for relaxation, repentance, and serenity can sometimes be a bit much.

What Today’s Ramadan Shows Are Like

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We aren’t specifying any particular show when discussing recent Ramadan series. Still, most productions have taken on what seems like very forced and over-the-top scenarios that are far from realistic. If you can’t relate to a show, it negates the same feelings of engagement we used to experience from Ramadan shows. Maybe that’s part of why Ramadan doesn’t feel the same anymore!

With plots and characters seeming more make-believe with every scene, it’s hard to enjoy the shows. Substance abuse, power abuse, and ways of expressing emotions are heavily exaggerated these days that nothing seems nearly logical or accurate. Don’t get us wrong; we’ll still tune in to see what Ramadan 2023 holds, but we miss the old days!