As the sacred month of Ramadan approaches, Egypt's vibrant entertainment scene eagerly anticipates the annual tradition of Ramadan shows. While drama series often dominate the prime-time slots, comedy shows offer a breath of fresh air, providing audiences with an opportunity to unwind after a long day of fasting. 

So, gather your loved ones, grab some snacks, and prepare to be entertained! The comedic landscape promises to be as diverse and dynamic as ever, offering something for everyone to enjoy!


El Kebeer Season 8

Ahmed Mekky's comedic genius, which has reached audiences of all generations, returns with the highly anticipated eighth season of "El Kebeer." Joined by esteemed guests, including Amina Khalil and Mohamed Tharwat, the latest instalment is expected to deliver another round of side-splitting laughter.

With an ensemble cast featuring comedic heavyweights such as Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Salam, and Rahma Ahmed, it is primed to reclaim its status as one of Ramadan's must-watch comedies. This season, collaborating with El Le3ba's writers, El Kebeer promises a proper comeback after last year's downfall.



Celebrated for her captivating performances, Nelly Karim returns triumphantly to the comedy genre with "Farawla." After a four-year hiatus from comedy since "Be 100 Wesh", this return is eagerly awaited by fans.

In this whimsical series, she portrays the endearing character of Farawla, the daughter of a humble real estate guard whose larger-than-life dreams and schemes lead to a series of comedic misadventures. Joined by a stellar cast including Shaimaa Seif, Ahmed Fahim, and Sedky Sakhr, "Farawla" promises to enchant audiences with its blend of humour, heart, and irresistible charm. 


Baba Geh

Akram Hosny graces the screens once more with "Baba Geh," a delightful series that promises to tickle funny bones and warm hearts alike. In this comedy, Hosni portrays a lovable hotel manager whose life is turned upside down by several mishaps and misadventures. Paired with the talented Nisreen Amin, who is known for her comedic timing and spreading energy, "Baba Geh" is expected to offer viewers a delightful escape.


Khaled Noor w Walado Noor Khaled

Chico, the beloved comedian renowned for his work with Hesham Maged and Ahmed Fahmy, teams up this time with the talented Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz for a change. Set against the backdrop of everyday problems, the series follows the shenanigans of two friends who navigate the trials and tribulations of marriage.


Ashghal Shaqa

As for Hisham Maged, the master of situational comedy, returns with "Ashghal Shaqa." Teaming up with last year's breakout star Asmaa Galal, this duo promise to deliver a laugh-a-minute experience that will leave audiences in stitches. From quirky characters to absurd situations, the series is a must-watch for comedy enthusiasts.


Lunch Box

Ghada Adel takes audiences on a wild ride with "Lunch Box," a comedic adaptation of the hit American series "Good Girls." In this tale of friendship, betrayal, and redemption, Ghada portrays one of three mothers who embark on a daring heist to secure their financial independence. 

Joined by a stellar ensemble cast including Jamila Awad, Fadwa Abed, Hisham Ismail, and Shahyn, "Lunch Box" promises to be a fun-to-watch show just like Sally Wally's other productions and adaptations; El Anesa Farah, Heba Regl El Ghorab, and Tel3et Rohy.


Kamel El 3adad Season 2

Dina El-Sherbiny and Sherif Salama return with the highly anticipated second season of "Kamel El 3adad," the heartwarming series that celebrated the joys and challenges of family life last year. 

As we continue the couple's navigation of the ups and downs of modern parenthood, the show is expected to keep offering viewers relatable glimpses into the complexities of familial relationships.



Reham Haggag ventures into uncharted territory, departing from her previous dramatic shows and embracing a new dimension in her acting career by stepping into comedy. Even though the light-hearted show is a change in tone from her previous leads, Haggag doesn't stray far from her roots. 

She is collaborating again with director Sameh Abdel Aziz and author Ayman Salama, who have worked together for years in shows like "Gamila" and "U-turn." However, this time, the assembled cast is slightly different, including Khaled El-Sawy, Essam El-Sakka, Salwa Khattab, Rehab El-Gamal, and Firas Saeed.