Ramadan 2024 TV lineup promises to engage audiences with a collection of social dramas, each offering a unique lens into the human experience. From tales of family strife to journeys of redemption and resilience, these dramas will spark conversations and introspection long after the credits roll. 

As audiences gather to break their fast, they'll be treated to a feast of storytelling that resonates with the shared hopes, dreams, and struggles of humanity in these shows:


Beit El Refa3y

The household of Mahmoud El Refa3y stands as a kingdom under his reign. However, the balance shatters, leaving the family divided and accusations flying. Amir Karara’s character embarks on a quest for truth, only to find himself engulfed in chaos, surpassing his wildest nightmares. 


Embratoreyet Meem

Embratoreyet Meem explores the clash between tradition and modernity within a family where children demand a voice in decision-making. When the fate of the family home hangs in the balance, tensions escalate, threatening to dismantle the very foundation of a household. 


3atabat El Bahga

Amidst the trials of life, Bahgat finds himself grappling with crises he never anticipated, from financial woes to familial responsibilities and unexpected turns of fate. With his grandchildren's future at stake, he goes on a quest for stability.


Bedoun Sabk Enzar

Marwan and Laila's marriage faces the ultimate test when tragedy strikes their family. Their world is rocked by their son's illness, sending shockwaves through their seemingly stable lives. In this journey of parenthood, they confront their own demons, shattered dreams, and uncertain futures.



As Maliha's life takes her from Palestine to Egypt, she encounters a journey of love, loss, and longing. Haunted by the echoes of her homeland, she gets transported across borders as she attempts to reclaim her identity and find her way back home.


Ser Elahy

When one's pursuit of wealth leads to a path of deception and betrayal as greed consumes her. Audiences are promised to be drawn into a gripping tale of morality and consequence, where the pursuit of fortune exacts a heavy toll on the human soul.


Ne3ma El Avocado

As a formidable lawyer, she inherits her father's legacy of victory. Yet, her marriage to a dependent husband threatens to disrupt her unbeatable record. Love becomes a battleground as Ne3ma confronts the challenges of her relationship.


Selet Rahem

Stepping into the taboo world of surrogacy, where a man rents a surrogate's womb after his wife's accident. In a web of complex interactions, blurring the lines between morality and desire, we expect a thought-provoking exploration of the lengths parents would go to fulfil their desires of birth.


A3la Nesbet Moshahda

Amina's life takes an unexpected turn when her sister's TikTok video goes viral, pushing her into the world of social media fame. The more famous she gets, the more the family faces the societal impacts of this digital age.