From historical epics to comedic masterpieces, the holy month brought a stellar lineup of shows that left audiences craving more. With that said, as we bid farewell to another unforgettable Ramadan drama season, the legacy of some of the iconic characters will live on. 

In this article, we break down the top characters who not only captured our hearts but have also been dominating the social media discourse to this day:


Hassan El Sabah

Karim Abdel Aziz's portrayal of Hassan El-Sabah in El Hashasheen was nothing short of mesmerising. With a quiet yet intense evil, Karim breathed life into this controversial historical figure, leaving viewers spellbound with his overpowering charisma and striking presence. 


Zaid Ibn Sayhoun

Ahmed Eid's transformation from comedic genius to a dramatic powerhouse in El Hashasheen was remarkable! On the show, he seamlessly navigated the complexities of a conflicted character, capturing the inner turmoil and psychological struggles with authenticity. 



Also, in El Hashaheen, Ahmed Abdel Wahab's portrayal of Yehia showcased his abilities as an actor. At the same time, the success of Khaled Nour w Walado Nour Khaled verified his writing skills. His consistent and solid performance as a soldier seeking revenge while grappling with his loyalty to the country earned him the title of the best young face of Ramadan 2024! Abdel Wahab's talent shines bright, promising a positive future in the Egyptian entertainment industry.



Akram Hosny's comedic brilliance in Baba Geh offered a refreshing take on fatherhood that resonated with audiences of all ages. Through his portrayal of Hesham, he tackled complex themes with humour and heart, delivering a powerful message about the importance of parental guidance in shaping the youth.



Mostafa Ghareeb's portrayal of Araby in Asghal Sha2a breathed new life into the comedic sidekick trope, earning him praise for his comedic timing and infectious energy. His dynamic chemistry with Hesham Maged's character made him the standout comedian of Ramadan this year. Despite recent backlash with El Kebeer, Ghareeb's performance proved he's here to stay, promising audiences endless laugh-out-loud moments.


Om Sabreen

Entisar's cameo as Om Sabreen in Ashghal Sha2a was the definition of a scene-stealer! Her role showcased that she's a comedic powerhouse, leaving viewers in stitches with just a single gesture. To this day, her memes are all over social media as living proof of her character's relatability. Entisar's memorable performances this season extend to her lead in A3la Nesbet Moshahda, proving her versatility and talent as an actress.


Eissa El Wazan

El 3atawla took Ramadan by storm, as its booming success captured the hearts of audiences all over Egypt. From streaming hit songs to oversold merch, this stands as a testament to the show's cultural impact. Most notably, Bassem Samra's quotes and funny lines are roaming social media memes and sounds, ensuring the show gets renewed for another season.



Salma Abu Deif's breakout role as Shaimaa was due to her talent and dedication to her craft. In a complete departure from her previous roles, Salma delivered a masterful performance, bringing depth and authenticity to the character.