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We are constantly captivated by the performances of Egypt’s numerous talented actors. Still, there are many performers we don’t see enough of on TV or in movies. So, we would like to appreciate these great celebrities and bring attention to the best moments of their careers. This month, we’re spotlighting a talented actor who radiates irresistible charisma and charm: the one and only Nada Moussa! So, allow us to jog your memory with her most memorable performances!

Reasons We Love Nada Moussa

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The talented Nada Moussa started her career as Bahira in 2010’s Wanees Wa Ayamo, our first glimpse of her charisma. She has since taken on different characters throughout her career and has mastered them all. Currently, Nada Moussa plays many supporting roles in TV shows and movies that leave everyone praising her performances.

Most Recent Works

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Nada Moussa took part in Netflix’s Finding Ola and plays the role of Ola’s best friend, Nesrin, who wholeheartedly helps her friend get back on her feet after her divorce. She also portrayed a notable character in the 2022 Ramadan series El-Meshwar as Azza. Again, she was a friend to the main character, Ward. However, she betrays her friend as much as she stands by her side this time.

Other Memorable Roles

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One of our favourite characters of Nada Moussa is Grand Hotel’s Amal. She is a troubled aristocratic lady who gets her family into many problems. Amal starts maturing and appreciating what she has when her husband willingly takes the blame for a murder she committed. Her performance and character arc are powerful, even though her character was not the show’s centre of attention.

The many fans of the hit movie Welad Rizk loved Nada’s brief character as Rabab, Rabee3’s love interest. She plays the role of a girl from a poor background who wants the mischievous Rabee3 to balance his lifestyle with their relationship fairly. Nada Moussa has also played many other unforgettable characters in TV shows, such as Hakayat Banat, Heba Regl El-Ghourab, Tareeqy, and Ma’ Sabk El-Israr. This fantastic actor has many more upcoming works this year, and we can’t wait to watch them all!