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Around 2006, Mohamed Farrag debuted as an actor in El Rahina. Since then, he has become one of Egypt’s highest-profile actors and a national sweetheart! Thanks to his pivotal role in the hit 2015 TV series Taht El Saytara, Fego began to attract a devoted fan base. Now that his newest film Voy! Voy! Voy! is in cinemas. Let us take you on a journey through some of our most beloved Farrag performances over the last decade!

1- Gamal - Room 207 (2022)

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Based on the late Ahmed Khalid Tawfik’s famous spooky novel, the Shahid series Room 207 was a smashing success for the television network last year. Farrag starred as Gamal, a hotel employee seeking to discover what was going on in the ominous room 207.

We can’t think of anybody who could portray this role better than he did. He nailed the accent, the mannerisms, and the facial emotions of fear and concern!

2- Moanes - Newton’s Cradle (2021)

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In Ramadan 2021’s drama marathon, Fego played the character of the cunning Moanes who lived in the United States and managed to trick Hana into marrying him. Moanes seemed pious on the surface, but he was really a malicious, obsessive person.

Fate ultimately had its way with this character, but not before Farrag delivered an incredible performance!

3- Ali - Taht El Saytara (2015)

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Farrag’s Ali El Rubi is a complex character considered rare in Egyptian drama. He portrayed a drug addict who will stop at nothing to satisfy his addiction. As the story progressed, we witnessed Ali’s character do horrific acts that damaged him and those around him.

4- Hassan - Voy! Voy! Voy! (2023)

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The man of the hour, Farrag, is at it again, adding another legendary part to his acting portfolio. Hassan, a security guard in an impoverished community, hears about an opportunity to play football for the national team of blind people.

His eagerness to leave the country and earn money was the motive behind this fraud. Despite wearing sunglasses in nearly every scene, the dynamic actor’s deceit is always apparent!

5- Sony - Haza Al Masa’ (2017)

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A dramatic masterwork from 2017, this series is a cautionary tale with an important message. The masterful actor portrayed Sony, a staffer at a mobile phone store who hacks women’s phones and uses their personal information to blackmail them.

It’s true to say that Mohamed Farrag has a knack for impersonating wicked characters, and we can’t wait to see more of them!