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If you are impatiently waiting for the sequel to Joker, starring Oscar winners Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga, you can ease the wait and check out his latest historical biopic in cinemas now. Let us tell you what to expect from Napoleon!

Napoleon Bonapart:

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Napoleon, directed by the legendary Ridley Scott, is a surprising depiction of the controversial life of the French conqueror Napoleon Bonapart, who led France in 61 battles and invaded almost a quarter of the world.

Wanting to follow the steps of Alexander the Great and indeed having the ego and ambition for the task, the movie is a sad and shocking tribute to the French history icon.

Joaquin Phoenix Portraying the Personal Life of a Ruthless Conqueror:

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Unlike most biopics, Napoleon focuses on the man behind the legend rather than his conquests and victories. Critics hail Joaquin Phoenix as the king of acting, bringing life to this sad, impetuous Frenchman with a brilliant performance.

A Love Story that Conquered the World:

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What’s most beautiful about this film is the passionate and problematic display of the love entanglement between Napoleon and his wife, Josephine, played beautifully by Vanessa Kirby. Their love may have been toxic, but powerful nonetheless.

A Gladiator Reunion:

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Last but not least, the divine directorial touch of Riddley Scott, having a Gladiator reunion decades later with Joaquin Phoenix, is more of a reason why you should get yourself a ticket.

Shocking War Scenes:

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Scott takes everyone by surprise with graphic war scenes that depict the tragic human and animal loss in Napoleon’s conquests and failures, as well as witty, dark-themed dialogue and utterly shocking moments!