Netflix's 2022 Korean hit Squid Game redefined the genre of realist dystopia with this masterful series. If you can't wait for season 2 of this iconic deadly games saga, we have just the show for you! This Korean Netflix original series was released on May 17th and consists of 8 episodes.


What is it about?

It is adapted from the webtoon Money Game. The 8 Show, currently trending on Netflix, is another mind-boggling South Korean TV series about a group of financially destitute people. Sounds familiar? Well, it gets even more bizarre! The contestants live on different floors above one another, and all they are required to do is spend as much time as possible on the premises of an all-plastic-looking hotel without killing each other.


What makes it worth the hype?

The 8 Show starts off slow, but it's a steady build-up to a thrilling journey. Each actor brings their A-game, and despite knowing little about their lives before the game show, we can't help but connect with these brilliantly-performed characters. The seemingly simple plot of 'time is money' quickly escalates into a world of grotesque and fierce competition, making this series a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat watch!


Why watch the 8 Show?

The 8 Show's plot is not just strong; it's unique. It delves into the depths of human nature in a lawless land where greed is the driving force. While it shares some similarities with Squid Game, the never-seen-before aspects truly set it apart. These differences add a whole new level of entertainment to your binge-watching experience, making it a show you don't want to miss.