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Marvel dropped its latest project and the last instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, ending the film series with a cinematic hit! After nine years and six Marvel movie feature, we may never see this fun group of space cowboys again, but we can’t say witnessing their farewell on screen was a bummer. Marvel-heads and movie enthusiasts, check out our full spoiler-free review of the movie.

1- Safekeeping All the Best Parts of the Franchise

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The Guardians of the Galaxy film trilogy was never expected to be such a monumental success, but Marvel has won the gamble big! To end this incredible franchise in the way it deserves, the film kept all its authenticity and uniqueness through a great selection of the ’90s and 2000s musical classics, funny group exchanges, and hilarious bits, with Drax being Drax. Simultaneously, they reminded us of why we love all of the characters introduced throughout the franchise.

2- Director James Gunn Brings the Big Guns

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The new director of DC films is also the brilliant filmmaker behind the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and he gave the franchise a proper goodbye. With Gunn additionally directing and writing the third instalment, he delivered a remarkably visually stunning film that is pure fun frame-to-frame and beats many of its Marvel peers’ works in different ways.

3- Our Favourite Characters Come Full Circle

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Come for the fun space adventures and nostalgic music hits, and stay for the emotional character arcs! This instalment certainly carries a heavier emotional toll than its predecessors, but it didn’t make the film a drag.

In fact, Rocket’s well-made backstory, which sets the whole film in motion, will move you in every possible way and finally get you to understand his complex character. Moreover, several beloved characters, like Nebula and Drax, are given a fantastic arc and a befitting finale that shows sincerity and effort in its making. The film also sets up possible continuations, new paths, and closures.