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The number of movies made by these two legends seems neverending. They suited each other remarkably well, despite the considerable age gap. They gave their best performances to give us some of our all-time favourite movies. They made more sense when they were together in films and were the formula for making us laugh.

We are deeply saddened by the death of the great Hassan Hosny and wish we could have seen him feature in more films with Mohamed Saad. So, this is a tribute as much as a remembrance of one of the best actor duos of the century!


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A simple upper Egyptian lives the life of a criminal when he realises his uncanny resemblance to one and seeks the help of a group of professionals to steal his identity. Hassan Hosny and Mohamed Saad were hilarious in this movie, with the former’s character Kamel comically teaching the latter’s how to live like the man whose shoes he’s stepping into for the mission they’re on.


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After Karkar (Mohamed Saad) gets electrocuted on his wedding day, he transforms into a different person who later has to live with his uncle (Hassan Hosny) and aunt, who are scheming for the inheritance his father left him. It might not have the lightest ending, but this movie will have you rolling on the floor laughing!


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This film doesn’t require an explanation; it’s one of the most iconic movies that the two actors blessed us with. The ‘Am Bakh and Ellembi memes are still very hot and trendy to this day because the actors’ performances in this movie were that extraordinary!


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An accident leaves Okal in Turkey, where he doesn’t know anything or anyone and has to figure out how to survive – until he meets Hassan Hosny’s character in an Egyptian qahwa. He takes Okal in and cares for him for as long as he works for him during his stay. We also loved the chemistry between Saad and Nour in this film!


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A professional butcher searching for money from a guy he’s never met stumbles upon Hassan Hosny, who owns a slaughterhouse and makes him work for him – at a price.

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Bad, corrupt cop and weird, trouble-making prisoner. Hassan Hosny and Mohamed Saad worked together in prison, as Saad’s character resembles the officer working with Hosny, who had a terrible accident. The film is funny and wholesome, and you’ll want to watch it every chance!