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We've seen many movies from our Egyptian cinema that the filmmakers adapted from Hollywood movies. They showcased their creativity and offered unique interpretations of these familiar narratives.


Amir El Entqam – The Count of Monte Cristo

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It's all about revenge and disloyalty; the Count of Monte Cristo is a popular movie based on a novel of the same name that inspired Anwar Wagdy's Amir El Entqam. Also, the Ramadan 2023 show "Rasheed" was adapted from the same film.

Teer Enta – Bedazzled

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Teer Enta was adapted from Brendan Fraiser's Bedazzled, where some sort of genie/devil came to him to help him win the love of his life with seven wishes.

1000 Mabrook – Groundhog Day

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Bill Murray blessed us with Groundhog Day in 1993, and Ahmed Helmy came in 2009 with one of his greatest movies adapted from the film. 1000 Mabrook is undoubtedly a masterpiece!

El Harb El Alameya El Talta – Night at The Museum

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The creators made a sarcastic comment about how this movie wasn't adapted from Night at the Museum in the opening credits, but, in fact, it is!

Amir El Zalam – Scent of a Woman

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Originally adapted from Al Pacino's Scent of a Woman, Amir El Zalam is a movie where Adel Emam's character is blind and somehow gets to recognise everything happening around him using his other senses.

Gawaza Meery – This Means War

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Nothing will remind you of a Hollywood movie like Gawaza Meery's adaptation of the famous This Means War in every aspect. However, as we know, it's highly Egyptianised!