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We can't get over this movie, and we bet you can't either! "El Harifa" is a heartwarming and inspiring film that celebrates the power of friendship, perseverance, and the beautiful game of football. But aren't you a bit curious to know who you might be from the characters? Read on to find out which El Harifa character you are! 



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You get your ups and downs in your life, but you're always there when a friend needs help. Even if you, yourself, need a lot of help, you still choose your friends over anything else.


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We could proudly call you "Ibn Balad" because, in your friend group, you take care of everything and everyone, whether they need it or not. You're the blessing and the glue of the friend group and definitely the group's favourite!


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Nothing goes easy when you're around. You might be the troublemaker of your friend group, but without you, the spice and spark disappear because you're the joker everyone loves to have around.

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You already know who you are: you're the music freak, the one who handles the AUX when you get in any car, and the song suggestions are always yours. You are the life of the party!


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You might be the diva in the friend group, and you intimidated everyone at first glance. But deep down, when they get to know you, you're the sweetest and warmest person in the group and always there to help.


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You're warmhearted and sensitive but calm and know how to handle problems within the friend group. You might not be the loudest person, but you're the most loved person.