From university to being movie stars, Mohamed Mamdouh and Mohamed Farag are on-screen besties; we love seeing them together! Nothing they work on together flops, so join us as we appreciate this star duo!


A series about police officer Tariq (Mamdoh's character) starts to investigate mysterious crimes by a serial killer named "Qabeel", who uses cyber extortion after killing his victims. Farag's character was called Adam, and he was a person of interest for the crimes. Mamdouh and Farag just perfected the cat-and-mouse game in this series!

Khaly Balak Men Zizi

The show that introduced ADHD to Egyptian TV is Khaly Balak Men Zizi! Mourad (Mamdoh's character) is a lawyer helping Zizi win her case against her ex-husband. Farag played the role of Ahmed, who is a coach. While Farag and Tyson didn't share much screen time, the duo had us on the floor laughing when they appeared together!

Le'bet Newton

No one can forget the masterful Le'bet Newton; Farag's El Sheikh Moaness and Tyson's Hazem glowed brightly and ensured we see the true meaning of rivalry between two men over a woman!

Rehla 404

Even though they might've not appeared side by side in this movie, both were exes to Mona Zaki's character in the new hit movie Rehla 404.

Ahl El Kahf

Ahl El Kahf is still yet to come out. Mamdouh and Farag have an upcoming movie with many actors, and we can't wait to see their roles shining together in this exciting movie.