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Karim Abdelaziz, a cornerstone of Egypt’s entertainment, is gearing up for a variety of intriguing projects that promise to keep audiences hooked with their diverse genres and compelling narratives. From sequels of beloved films to fresh romantic comedies and even a historical epic, Karim is set to showcase his versatility and talent even more.

As we look forward to these releases, we break down the details of these highly anticipated films, highlighting what makes each one a must-watch:


El Feel El Azra2 3

Thanks to its gripping storyline and stellar performances, this franchise has become a benchmark in Egyptian cinema. Karim Abdelaziz first brought the character of psychiatrist Yahia Rashid to life in 2014, under the direction of Marwan Hamed and the pen of Ahmed Murad. Based on Murad’s best-selling novel, the first part garnered immense popularity and achieved unprecedented box office success.

The third instalment, set to release during the next Eid El-Adha, continues to unravel the enigmatic world of Yahia, promising a blend of mystery and suspense that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Ahmed Murad has already completed the script, and filming preparations are in full swing, setting the stage for another cinematic triumph.


Shoghl Cairo

In an exciting collaboration, Abdelaziz will star alongside Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, who will be marking her debut in acting. In this light, romantic comedy, Ajram and Abdelaziz will navigate a whimsical love story filled with comedic twists and turns. The project, written by Mustafa Sakr and directed by Mohamed Shaker, has generated considerable buzz, particularly with Ajram’s involvement, which should be a significant addition to the film.

Initially announced by Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, Shoghl Cairo aims to blend humour with romance, offering a delightful cinematic experience. Although the project has faced some delays, the anticipation remains high as the team continues to finalise details and move toward production.


Le3b 3eyal

Reuniting after 14 years since their last collaboration in Welad El 3am, Karim Abdelaziz and Mona Zaki are set to star in Le3b 3eyal. Directed by Tariq El-Erian, this romantic comedy explores the complexities of marital life and the sacrifices made by husbands. The narrative promises a mix of heartwarming moments and hilarious situations as the characters navigate their relationship.

With a script by Ahmed Hosni and the addition of Mohamed Mamdouh to the cast, it is shaping up to be a compelling social comedy. The film’s production schedule is being finalised, and fans eagerly await the on-screen chemistry between Karim and Mona.


El For3oon El Akheer

Looking ahead to 2025, Karim Abdelaziz will embark on a historical journey playing the role of Tutankhamun. This ambitious project, penned by Ahmed Murad and directed by Marwan Hamed, promises to be a visually stunning and historically rich film. With a significant budget invested in the project, El For3oon El Akheer aims to bring the story of Egypt’s young pharaoh to life.



Written and directed by Mohamed Diab, Karim Abdelaziz will dive into a new narrative that is currently being developed. Supported by Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, this project is still in the preparatory stages, with details being meticulously planned.


Untitled Project with Akram Hosni

Karim Abdelaziz has also teamed up with Akram Hosni for a new film directed by Peter Mimi. While the specifics of the plot and the rest of the cast are still under wraps, this collaboration is already generating excitement.


Untitled Film with Ahmed Ezz

Karim Abdelaziz will join forces with Ahmed Ezz for an upcoming film. This announcement comes after Abdelaziz’s cameo in Welad Rizk 3. The details of their new project remain a mystery, but the mere idea of these two stars sharing the screen again guarantees mega success.


Untitled Project with Ahmed Helmy

On Facebook, Turki Al-Sheikh teased yet another production! It will be a collaboration between Karim Abdelaziz and Ahmed Helmy, but there is not much information on the project. However, Al-Sheikh also mentioned that the project will be directed by the one and only Marwan Hamed, and we couldn’t be more excited!