As the final episodes of Ramadan are screened, the anticipation for the Eid movie marathon begins. For the past decade, cinephiles have eagerly awaited the release of blockbuster hits during this festive season, and each year brings a new wave of cinematic surprises. From record-breaking blockbusters to unexpected flops, the magic of cinema is the one constant!

Let's embark on a journey through time, revisiting the highest-grossing movies that have graced the silver screen during Eid El Fitr over the past ten years:


El Feel El Azra2 (2014)

The Eid of 2014 marked a significant turning point in Egyptian cinema with the release of El Feel El Azra2. Directed by the visionary Marwan Hamed and featuring a star-studded cast, this action-packed thriller captured the hearts of audiences and led to a sequel years later. Following closely behind was El Harb El 3alameya El Talta, and let's not forget Gawaza Meiry. These films set the bar high, overshadowing comedies like Sone3a fe Misr and Antar w Baisa.


Shad Agza2 (2015)

As the Eid of 2015 rolled around, audiences were treated to Mohamed Ramadan's cinematic comeback in Shad Agza2. Ramadan's magnetic presence on screen boosted the film to the top of the box office charts. Meanwhile, Welad Rizk brought the heat, with Ahmed Ezz leading the charge. However, not all films found success. Hayaty Metbahdela and Noom El Talat failed to make a significant impact, barely crossing the one-million-pound mark.


Gaheem Fel Hend (2016)

In 2016, Egyptian cinema reached new heights with Mohamed Imam's action comedy Gaheem Fel Hend, which dominated the box office. Ahmed El Sakka's Men 30 Sana and Yasmine Abdel Aziz's Abu Shanab followed. However, 30 Youm Fel 3ezz and 3asal Abyad struggled to make a mark, barely scraping by with minimal earnings.


Horoob Edterary (2017)

The Eid of 2017 witnessed a cinematic explosion with Ahmed El Sakka's Horoob Edterary. This action-packed thriller reignited the passion of cinema enthusiasts and paved the way for a resurgence in filmmaking. Tamer Hosny's Tesbah 3ala Kheir and Mohamed Ramadan's Gawab E3teqal also made waves. However, Omar El-Azra2 and Samaka w Senara failed to ignite the box office.


Harb Qarmouz (2018)

In 2018, Amir Karara's Harb Qarmouz took the lead of success. Meanwhile, comedies like Leilet Hana w Sorour and Alb Omo provided a refreshing dose of humour but came next. Unlike the latter, Abla Tam Tam and Karma flopped at the box office. 


Casablanca (2019)

The very next year, Amir Karara struck again! This time, it witnessed a historic moment in Egyptian cinema, shattering records and generating a jaw-dropping 80 million pounds in revenue. Meanwhile, El Mamar and Sab3 El Boromba also received acclaim, unlike Hamlet Phar3on and Mohamed Hussein, which did not gain traction.


Ahmed Notre Dame (2021)

This Eid al-Fitr season faced challenges due to the pandemic, with cinemas closing early at nine o'clock in the evening. Despite these obstacles, Ramez Galal's Ahmed Notre Dame emerged victorious. Additionally, Karim Fahmy's Dido and Dina El Sherbiny's Thanya Wahda also found success, with no cinematic flops this season.


Wahed Tany (2022)

In 2022, Wahed Tany exceeded expectations, topping the box office charts and marking Ahmed Helmy's comeback. El 3ankaboot by Ahmed El Sakka and Mona Zaki and Zombie by Ali Rabie also received acceptable revenues despite their critical mixed reviews. 


Harley (2023)

Last year, Harley took centre stage, occupying first place on the revenue list. Starring an ensemble cast including Mohamed Ramadan, Mai Omar, and Mahmoud Hamida, this action-packed thriller captured the hearts of audiences nationwide following the success of Ga3far El Omda. Alongside, the first Egyptian 3D movie, Youm 13, and Chico's comedy Ibn El-Hag Ahmed were also successful. However, Ali Rabie's Ba3d Ell Shahr and Haifa Wahbie's Ramses Paris did not do so well.