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Egyptian cinema, specifically its drama shows, is taking it all the way when it comes to illustrating toxic relationships, including adultery or a partner who eventually screws up their relationship or marriage to the point of no return.

Yes, Egyptian TV has always displayed couples with problems they couldn’t work out, but the situations were never portrayed as intensely compared to now. And we hope no one can relate to the high levels of toxic romance depicted in these shows!

Azmat Montasaf Al Omr

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This series is far from reality and undoubtedly based beyond imagination. It follows Karim Fahmy’s character, who is supposedly in a happy marriage but falls in love with his mother-in-law and engages in an affair that upturns his entire marriage. It doesn’t get more far-fetched than that, does it?

Wish Wa Dahr

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The protagonist moves to a new city away from his wife and old life. In Tanta, he opens a clinic, pretends to be a doctor, and falls for the nurse he hired, who’s also essentially a fraud. What is trying to be showcased here other than beaming red flags?

Leabet Newton

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Mona Zaki’s character marries a man, despite knowing he is terrible and already married, after he promises to save her from the cruel new world she lives in. It isn’t a toxic relationship without one partner being ignorant and vulnerable, is it?

Le A’la Se’r

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The story you hear about almost every day, where the best friend stabs her best friend in the back by falling for her husband, having an affair with him, and planning her friend’s demise. Who said only romantic relationships could be toxic?

Ana Shahira.. Ana El Kha'en

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We’re sure we don’t have to tell you about this one; you’ve probably already guessed from its title. But we wonder, is cheating so prominent in Egypt that it’s constantly portrayed in our shows?