The Egyptian film, Between Two Seas, has been selected to join the race at the official competition of the Brooklyn Film Festival. The 22nd edition of the prestigious festival will begin on the 31st of May and run until the 9th of June. As for the film’s screening, it’ll take place twice on the 4th and 6th of June, at Windmill Studios and Wythe Hotel respectively.

Between Two Seas

The film, directed by Anas Tolba, won the Nut Award for Best Film. It also won the Best Director award during its premiere at the 3rd edition of Aswan International Film Festival. 

Between Two Seas tells the story of Zahra who struggles in a fight for her daughter’s rights, after being involved in a tragic accident. The heartwrenching movie portrays the obstacles and societal barriers that Egyptian women face, especially those in underprivileged and rural areas. 

Written by Mariam Naoum, along with a script by Amany El-Tunsi and Karim Dalil, the film stars Fatma Adel, Yara Gubran, Tharaa Jubail, Mahmoud Fares, Arfa Abdel Rassoul, and Lobna Wanas.


By Nadine Arab