via Zahret El Khaleej

Chapeau Youssef El Sherif is a sentence we always say as Egyptians when this legendary actor has something in store for us, especially for Ramadan. Youssef El Sherif landing major roles isn't very hard for the actor; he succeeded in series like "El Mowaten X," "Ism Mo'aqat," and "Kafr Delhab." Since we'll miss him this Ramadan, we thought we'd reminisce about his past shows that wowed us.


Ism Mo'aqat

This series revolves around a businessman returning to his homeland after disappearing for over 10 years. He is exposed to a painful accident that makes him lose his memory and try to discover his true identity.


Kafr Delhab

Taking place in one of the ancient times in a village called "Kafr Delhab", where a woman was killed and her spirit returned to take revenge on the town until Dr. Saad tries to help find her killers.


El Mowaten X

The events of the series are about a young man known as "X" who is killed in a horrific accident. The incident and investigations are underway into his death case to try to find out who killed "X" and whether "X" was innocent or guilty.


Leaabet Eblis

Youssef El Sherif embodies two characters who are twins; the first is a businessman, and the second is a magician who unites with the devil to achieve his goals.


El Sayaad

This show revolves around a man who works in security services, but after an accident that causes him to lose sight, he is excluded from his work. When a murder case is re-opened, they seek help from him again to uncover the mystery surrounding this case.


El Qaysar

The events of El Qaysar revolve around someone who possesses extraordinary abilities. He is affiliated with one of the extremist international terrorist groups and undertakes terrorist operations.