In the riveting world of Bein El Sotoor, where deceit lurks behind every smile, and secrets simmer beneath the surface, the mystery of who murdered Jimmy Anderson has gotten viewers guessing.

As viewers eagerly await the revelation of the killer's identity, we believe that the shocking climax of this murder mystery will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. With that said, let's investigate the twisted motives of the show's shadowy characters that could be behind this gripping whodunnit.

Hend Salem

Hend Salem, portrayed with chilling intensity by the talented Saba Mubarak, emerges as a compelling suspect in Jimmy's murder. We've witnessed her ruthless ambition and willingness to go to any lengths to shape her destiny. 

Whether it's aborting her unborn child or orchestrating smear campaigns against her rivals, Hend operates with a cold calculation that makes her capable of darker deeds. Jimmy's reappearance in her life threatens her carefully constructed facade, leading to speculation that she may have taken drastic measures to protect her secrets.

Hatem Ezz-Eldin

Ahmed Fahmy's portrayal of Hatem Ezz-Eldin adds complexity to the murder mystery, painting a picture of a man consumed by jealousy and betrayal. As a skilled lawyer, Hatem possesses the cunning and legal acumen to commit the perfect crime.

His simmering resentment towards Jimmy, fueled by suspicions of past connections with Hend, makes him a prime suspect in the eyes of the audience. Could his desire to eliminate a perceived threat to his relationship with Hend drive him to commit the ultimate act of violence?


Nardine Farag's portrayal of Huda, Jimmy's wife, unveils a tumultuous marriage driven by secrets and resentment. The revelation of Jimmy's past with Hend ignites jealousy and betrayal within Huda's heart. Also, her feelings of abandonment and betrayal at Jimmy's decision to move back to Egypt without her knowledge provide a compelling motive for murder. 

Malak Shehab

Salma Abu-Deif's portrayal of Malak Shehab, a woman caught between ambition and revenge, with a relentless pursuit of success and her rivalry with Hend, sets the stage for a deadly confrontation. 

Jimmy's advances towards Malak, coupled with her knowledge of his past misdeeds, set her to be able to kill. Could Malak's thirst for vengeance push her to take matters into her own hands?

Yehia Khattab

Bassel Alzaro's Yehia Khattab introduces a character full of mystery and intrigue. As Jimmy's personal assistant, Yehia knows his employer's darkest secrets and deepest desires. The strained relationship between Jimmy and Yehia, coupled with Yehia's subtle and questionable unrequited feelings for Huda, raises suspicions about his motives.


Then comes Omar Sharky's portrayal of Ramy, a character burdened by resentment and neglect. Ramy's troubled relationship with Jimmy, coupled with financial struggles and feelings of rejection, provides a compelling motive for murder. 

Jimmy Anderson 

Amidst the tangled web of deceit and betrayal, the possibility of suicide looms as a shocking twist in the murder mystery. Could Jimmy himself have chosen to end his own life, driven to despair by the weight of his secrets and the consequences of his actions? As the investigation unfolds, the truth may be more devastating than anyone could have imagined.