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It’s natural for many to reminisce over their favourite comfort shows of the past Ramadans, explaining why showrunners often bring these shows back for more seasons. While we love to see beloved characters from our childhood return for more episodes and jokes, when does it become overdone?

You might’ve guessed; we’ve been watching Al-Kabir Awy every year since its release in 2010. The classic Ramadan sitcom, with all its loud characters and hilarious plots, would keep us company as we broke our fasts at the Iftar table. But has Ahmed Mekky reached his Ramadan peak? We think this month’s release of “Al-Kabir Awy 7” is slightly exaggerated, especially with the newest character addition of Marbouha.

So, read on to see why we think Al-Kabir Awy has become too much in quantity.

Classic Jokes Turned Over-The-Top

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There’s no doubt that the series’ jokes were considered universally funny across its first few seasons, where its fun humour was light and enjoyable to watch over Iftar. Unfortunately, however, the jokes of the latest seasons seem more forced and overly foolish to elicit genuine laughs.

Repetitive Characters, Plots, and Lines

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The show’s characters have nearly identical personalities, with each of them repeating the same lines and catchphrases over and over again. So while we adored the jokes of the past, we didn’t expect they’d stay the same with no adaptations seven years later.

Clinging Onto Old Habits

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Season six of the show did impress us new with out-of-the-box ideas. It even surprised viewers with a brand-new addition to the family, Marbouha, who stole the show. But this year, the programme faces much backlash for reverting to the exact script and ideas from many years ago.

Characters With Unstable Development

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Every year, we’re introduced to a different story that features character development. But a year later, Al-Kabir Awy flips to how each character was before their growth, cutting off their stories to allow more characters to shine briefly. We wish stability for these characters, especially the lead Al-Kabir!