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At the heart of the Higher Academy of Dramatic Arts, a new crop of fresh faces has emerged, capturing the attention of viewers during the screening of Wara2 El Tout. This compelling series takes its audience on a journey through the intertwined lives of its characters, each facing unexpected challenges that unravel their personal stories and shed light on crucial social issues in Egypt.

Wara2 El Tout offers a captivating narrative and introduces a batch of fresh talents that promise to shape the future of Egyptian entertainment. These rising stars delivered performances that left an indelible mark on viewers, making us eagerly await the upcoming steps in their budding careers.

Khaled Anwar

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The breakout star of Ramadan 2020, Khaled Anwar, made waves as Youssra's murdered son in Kheyanet 3ahd. In the wake of that success, he graced the screen with hit shows like W Bena Ma3ad, Taht El Hezam, and, of course, Wara2 El Tout.

His upcoming roles include the sequel to Wa Bena Ma3ad and the youth-led drama Beda3 Sa3at alongside Hana El Zahed, Mohamed El Sharnouby, Hesham Maged, and Mayan El Sayed.

Tharaa Goubail

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Known for her indie movies featured in numerous film festivals, Tharaa Goubail found her breakout role earlier this year in Reham Abdelghafour's Wesh w Dahr and Mona Zaki's Taht El Wesaya.

Her upcoming appearances in Hana El Zahed's thriller Eqama Gabreya and the second run of her play W 3amalet Eh Feina El Ayam continue to solidify her status as an indie sensation.

Aya Selim

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Breaking onto the scene earlier this year with Azmet Montasaf El 3omr and W Bena Me3ad, Aya has become a talent to watch. Eagerly anticipating the latter's sequel in the coming year, her charm and skill promise a bright future.

Moataz Hesham

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Hesham, the youngest of the show's leads, showcases maturity beyond his years, paving the way for a promising career. Following his rebellious role as Nelly Karim's son in the third season of Leih La2, Moataz took the lead in the Saudi-Egyptian musical, Sokkar.

Mostafa Mansour

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With a career dating back to 2010, he finally receives the recognition he deserves through Wara2 El Tout. Having been part of several shows and movies, his portrayal in this series has elevated his name and face in the Egyptian entertainment scene.

Mohamed Nasr

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His on-screen journey began in 2005, portraying Hany Ramzy's younger self as Abu El 3araby. Fast forward to the present, and he now boasts a lead role in a hit show, showcasing his evolution as a prominent actor in television and film.

Tarek Obeid

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Syrian actor Tarek Obeid is making a splash in Egyptian media with this notable role. Despite previous smaller roles in shows like Fy Kol Esbou3 Youm Gom3a and Hadouta Morra, Tarek's performance in this series has established him within the industry.

Youssef El Asady

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El Asady landed a role last year in Dayman Amer before stepping into the spotlight with his role in Wara2 El Tout. His dedication exemplifies his potential to carve out a significant space for himself in the industry.

Toqa Hossam

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The newest entrant, Toqa Hossam, might have only four credits to her name, including Wara2 El Tout, but her acting skills are at odds with her newcomer status. With roles in Touba, Zay El Qamar's second season, and Hagma Mortada, Toqa is proving to be a talented fresh face.