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Thanks to its rapid development, artificial intelligence is a widely discussed topic around the globe. Movies about AI do surprisingly well at the box office, even if they aren’t as popular as comedies or thrillers. The five box-topping films discussed in this article range from genre classics to ground-breaking newcomers to artificial intelligence; we’re sure at least one of them will be familiar to you. Let’s begin!

1-     I, Robot (2004)

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VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) is a malicious supercomputer that gathers information from across the world and uses it to command robots everywhere. In the movie, robots plague everywhere on our planet, and they all follow the rules programmed into their systems.

As VIKI has broken the law, it’s now up to a technophobic police officer and a ‘nice’ robot to prevent the end of the world. This terrifying film illustrates how rules intended to rein in artificial intelligence might have unintended consequences.

2-     Her (2013)

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The role of technology in modern society is fundamental. Voice assistants like Siri or Alexa are helpful in our daily lives and work, but they can only handle basic requests. In contrast, Her depicts a far more futuristic take on voice assistants.

The protagonist, Theodor, purchases the artificial intelligence software Samantha, who behaves naturally in conversation with him. Their bond deepens over time, and they eventually fall in love.

3-     Ex Machina (2014)

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Talented computer programmer Caleb Smith built AGI Ava, an artificial intelligence significantly more capable than a human being. Ava is able to have in-depth conversations and even influence the feelings of others.

The film’s bleak conclusion highlights ethical questions about the treatment and experimentation of sentient robots like Ava.

4-     Finch (2021)

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In this film, engineer Finch Weinberg and his dog survive in a post-apocalyptic world. One day, he decides to take matters into his own hands and constructs a robot whose only purpose is to guard his pet.

The robot gradually develops a sense of what it means to be human through interactions with others and the world around it. They become a family of three and start looking for a new spot to settle down.

5-     Transcendence (2014)

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This film, in which Johnny Depp plays a dying computer prodigy who achieves a complex digital afterlife by uploading his consciousness into a computer, is a genuine work of science fiction. It delves into its themes with real inquiry and a terrifyingly beautiful atmosphere.

For dramatic effect, the film focuses on just one or two characters to convey the dangers of trying to play God and relying too heavily on technology.