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Ramadan’s Gat Saleema held many moral lessons within its episodes for both children and adults to take something away from. Donia Samir Ghanem certainly exceeded our expectations with her role in this new series, and although it lasted only 15 episodes, we learned many things from this beautiful show! Read on to see some moral values reflected in this Ramadan mini-series.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Routine can destroy your passion and add boredom and repetition to your life. That’s why it’s sometimes necessary to force yourself out of your comfort zone to understand yourself better, as Saleema did when she was thrown into Ard El Naam.

Don’t Trust Easily

As best said by El Sultan Tamaan, you shouldn’t trust anyone too quickly. Even with close friends, it’s better to be cautious until fully aware of their intentions. After all, the series showed us many scenes where perceived companions did not favour Saleema’s interests.

Be Kind to Everyone and Avoid Misjudgment

When Saleema and Mawqoos came across dwarfs on their way to Mamlakat Al Worood, they initially thought the creatures wanted to hurt them. But the characters avoided misjudgment and helped the dwarfs with their needs, sticking by their sides. This episode also showed us that kindness pays off!

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Before meeting Salima, Queen Rihana faced low self-esteem due to the constant bullying she experienced about her nose. But her interactions with Salima showed us that when you’re merciful to the people around you, they can gain confidence and love themselves despite perceived flaws. This conveyed that, ultimately, beauty is more than skin deep.

Family Should Be Your Top Priority

The most important takeaway from the series signified that family should remain your number one priority in everything. The plot showcased Saleema’s willingness to go through several hardships to be with her brother again after the hands of Tamaan took him.