As the world celebrates International Women’s Equality Day, it’s essential to reflect on the roles that have played an integral part in paving the way for social progress and women’s empowerment in Egypt. These memorable movies started a transformative spark far beyond the confines of a television screen, inspiring women to challenge societal norms, demand equality, and break down barriers that had held them back for far too long. Check out the list of films below!

Oreed Hallan (1975)

This marks one of the first movies to highlight the injustice divorced women in Egypt face in court. The film’s impact prompted the government to alter the Personal Status Law for women to be able to leave their husbands without the expense of giving up their shared goods.

Asfa Arfod Al Tala2 (1980)

Another film that paved the way for divorced women follows a wife surprised by her husband’s sudden desire to divorce her without further explanation. Since its release, numerous civil society organisations have used it as a reference to achieve equal rights for women before the court.

3afwan Ayoha Al Qanoon (1985)

This film sheds light on Egypt’s unjust penal codes, where a woman can be sentenced to 15 years in prison for the labelled felony of murdering her cheating husband. Meanwhile, had a man commit the same crime, it would be seen as a misdemeanour that would get him sentenced to only a month in prison.

Al Sha2a Min Ha2 Al Zoga (1985)

This movie portrays the dispute over the legal status of apartments after divorce. Because of this movie’s release, the Egyptian Women’s Union amended the Personal Status Law, updating the marriage contracts to guarantee the wife’s ownership of the marital home in the event of divorce.

678 (2010)

After the alarming spread of sexual harassment in the streets of Egypt over the years, 678 broke the hearts of its viewers with an accurate and raw representation of victims. Consequently, the Harassment Act was finally implemented, sentencing harassers to a penalty of up to three years.