Oxford Dictionary defines a bridezilla as: a woman whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding. It's a very scary and common phenomenon that is said to affect 83% of Egyptian women. That's a completely made-up statistic, but what we do know for sure is that the bridezilla is very, very real.

It's understandable, to a degree; planning and executing a perfect wedding has become a science of taste, finance and unashamed diva-ness that's near impossible to balance. In Egypt, the wedding industry has evolved to a state that makes that process a little easier, but La Reina have taken the most radical of approaches in addressing possibly the most grand, and therefore trickiest, element of a wedding: (dramatic pause) the dress.

Now, while shopaholics and fashion fiends in Egypt are catered to better than ever before, when we look westwards, one can't help but notice that, when it comes to high-end fashion, the local shopping scene could do better. This is where La Reina comes in with wedding dresses; the online platform is the first of its kind in offering Egyptian brides-to-be the chance to rent a dress - yes, rent.


But the fulfillment of ownership and possession of paraphernalia attached to such a sentimental and important event can never be matched by the temporariness of renting, we hear you say - and you might have a point. But can that be justified with a six-figure-costing piece of clothing that you'll only where for a few hours of your (on average) 632,256-hour life? The answer is a big, fat no.

Feeding into that big, fat no is the fact that any misgivings you might have towards this innovative, new-age concept are cleared up by the fact that La Reina offers dresses by some of the biggest labels in the region and the world - think Vera Wang, Maison Yeya and other similarly rib-tickling names.