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With Mother’s Day coming around every March 21st, we wonder what it is like for the average mum going about her day in Egypt. Sadly, multiple obstacles make an already-hard job even harder, whether the mother is married, widowed, or divorced. In this article, we share some of the difficulties that Egyptian mothers face in society.

1- The Double Standards

Our society is not programmed to think of a mother as part of a pair. Most non-stop parenting obligations fall to the mum, not the dad or both parents. For example, most Egyptian mothers are expected to carry the household chores and errands, their kids’ homework, and their jobs. Yet, much of our society thinks that’s okay and demands even more from mothers while the father works and does the bare minimum as a parent.

2- The Selfless Complex

Who said that mothers have to be all about their children 24/7 and forget their own needs like they don’t exist? Mothers are the noblest of humans, so they need a proper culture of understanding and support. Normalising mothers’ need to spend time alone and away from their kids is a must; mental struggles and illnesses are no joke, and mothers face them more strenuously than others, ultimately affecting their children as well.

Consider postpartum depression that can occur right after a mother gives birth as an example, which results in a mother’s hormones being highly imbalanced. This requires unwavering support from everyone around the mum to get through this tough time that can take up to a year. Yet, we send new mothers back to work and expect the world of them as parents with no questions asked.

3- Cost of Living

Unsurprisingly, our economic state is making it harder for the average citizen to lead an average life. And for families, living expenses are even more daunting. On top of the essential costs, parents must cover their children’s education, health care, activities, and more! Helping with the finances is another reason most mothers find themselves stuck in a job they don’t like or that is too exhausting for them on top of everything else they have to do daily.