"Rocky Balboa" star, Sylvester Stallone, is scheduled to visit Egypt with his family this month, according to Tourism Ministry Advisor Walid El-Batouti. The Hollywood actor’s private trip is being prepared by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. 

This year, we've seen a fair number of international celebrities of all sorts visit the country; in February, Barcelona star footballer Lionel Messi launched the “Tour and Cure” campaign for treatment of Hepatitis C, followed by a personal visit by Hollywood actor Will Smith in March, while April saw Pope Francis foster interfaith peace during a two-day visit to Cairo. 


According to El-Batouti, Will Smith's trip had a great impact on local tourism, with "a large number of international tourism companies contacting the ministry [of tourism] to coordinate large tourist delegations to Egypt."

“The Tourism Ministry has an undeclared plan to attract a large number of international stars in various fields to support Egyptian tourism," says El-Batouti. "The coming period will witness visits by A-list international stars. However, their names will not be revealed because we do not want to invade their privacy." 


Is this to be a monthly occurrence? Who can we expect to turn up next? Oh, the possibilities! 


By Salma Anderson