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Costumes are essential for Halloween, whether it’s to go trick or treating, a party, or a haunted house experience. And we thought we’d spice up your looks this year with Egyptian movie characters, specifically if you’re looking to bring some heritage to the Western holiday. With movie characters, you can also make TikToks of the character you’re doing to make it more real and entertaining. While we’ve seen many dressed as ‘Gawaher’, here are some looks we haven’t seen yet but would love to!


El Kabeer Characters

Whether you choose to dress as El Kebeer with a simple abaya and cane, Marbooha with more crazy costumes, or Hazal’oum himself–because, let’s be honest, that’s iconic enough—you’re most likely going to become the centre of attention at whichever venue you’re at. This year, dressing as El Kabeer characters will win you the best costume award, and you can’t possibly tell us otherwise.

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Fifi Abdo - Soo’ El Khodar

A fun, colourful galabeya, a matching scarf wrapped the same way as Abdo’s, accessories all over, and a shisha hose and mouthpiece for props make the perfect look for Soo’ El Khodar!

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Mohy El Sharkawy

We all know the iconic Mohy El Sharkawy look: a red puffer jacket, black jeans, and a suitcase to match the satirical “big mafia” vibe, and you’re good to go! You can even sing “youm wara youm” whilst you trick or treat or dance your night away at a party to adopt the character fully.

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Farida - The Blue Elephant

Nothing screams Halloween more than the look of a crazy psych ward patient. For Farida’s Blue Elephant, you can either opt for her gipsy look if you’re looking for something tame or go for her wilder character by dressing up in a plain long-sleeve white dress and acting as psychotic as you can to win more stares this Halloween.

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Abdelghafour Al Bora’y

This OG m’alem look is based on a merchant in Cairo who sold used items but became filthy rich shortly after. So grab a galabeya, turban, giant scarf, and an elitist men’s Islamic Arabian cloak, and make sure not to forget his signature pinky ring!

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Raya or Skina

For this look, grab your favourite friend and pick which character you want to be! For either of these looks, all you need to do is muster up the utmost ‘Alexandrian’ look by wearing an ‘abaya, holding a white cloth in your hand and wrapping an Alexandrian scarf around your body.

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