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Have you ever visited your grandparents’ home and discovered items they rarely ever use or even realise are there strewn about the place? Or perhaps you keep things in your room for memories that take up a lot of space with stuff you could get rid of? Hoarding and storing undesired items around the home are undoubtedly Egyptian habits, but let’s explore what hoarding actually entails and what Mesahty is doing to help.

Are You a Hoarder?

Hoarding is when you accumulate excessive, unnecessary items and keep them even though you don’t necessarily need them. Sometimes it can be something small, like a piece of paper you saved as a child, but do you ever question whether you really need it?

A large clue that you’re a hoarder is if you become irritated when someone moves your belongings or if your parents complain that your room has too many things that should be thrown away. The collected items may have sentimental worth to you, but they can quickly turn your home into chaos.

Mesahty’s Hoarding Awareness Project

A group of determined MIU students recently launched a campaign to raise awareness on hoarding and how to determine whether you are a hoarder. To assist in spreading the word about the campaign, they spoke with certified professional organiser Maha Abdelfattah.

The project explains what hoarding is, offers advice on how to get rid of items you don’t need, and features a short quiz on their Instagram to help you determine whether or not you are a hoarder. With plenty of resources available on their social media page, this campaign is destined to help you declutter your life!