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Creative Summit has successfully brought together some of the world's most influential people for its annual events for almost a decade. This year, it will continue to do so with its gathered speakers as they encourage those who once believed their ambitions were unachievable to pursue them.

Launching its highly anticipated annual festival in 2023, Creative Summit leads a forum for encouraging creativity and innovation. This year’s three-day event, which will run from September 23rd to 25th, will be held in New Cairo's Cairo Business Park.

Let us quit the teasing and get into the details of the Creative Summit 2023!

What Is Creative Summit?

Creative Summit has held festivals and award ceremonies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia over the past nine years. In that time, it has become a leader in sparking interactions as part of the creative economy and supplying young people with the training they need to improve their creativity.

In its hosted lectures, panel discussions, and workshops, Creative Summit has allowed creative individuals to keep up with current trends in their respective fields of business and grow them through innovative thinking and creativity.

Creative Summit 2023:

Under the theme “Driving the Creative Economy to Lead the Way Out,” speakers from all over the world, including those from Egypt, the MENA region, and the world, will be present at this year’s event to expand the scope of the discussion and add variety to the creative landscape. Topics discussed will include creative economy, AI, fintech, fashion entrepreneurship, sustainability, marketing, and women empowerment.

To make things more exciting, there will be a ChatGPT presence at this edition for the first time on Egyptian lands and in the region. Rodger Werkhoven, Independent Creative Director from OpenAI, the team that launched ChatGPT, will speak on balancing AI and EQ, revealing unique historical AI facts and AI-generated resources to aid OpenAI. Speakers will also discuss the formula required to steer the creative revolution.

Creative Summit's dedication to building communities, fostering learning, and entertaining those in the creative industries is no doubt reflected in the event's unique strategy. With past events accumulating 14,000 attendees, 1,600 speakers, and more than 55 exhibitors from the creative industry, the festival expects to gather an attendance of 4,500 creative minds, leaders, and inventors.

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